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Hey Chris, Thought it was about time I thanked you for this series of podcasts. These podcasts led me to a huge defining moment in my life last year of laying down my own will, desires and ambition and choosing to pursue God's will for my life even if that meant potentially never fulfilling my own dreams. Funny thing is that 2 months later I got my dream job which was in fact the thing that God had asked me to surrender through listening to your podcasts. But now I can hold it with an open hand and know that if God should call me to something else then that is completely ok. And now again I find myself coming back to these podcasts again to remind my self that in everything I face my answer is to die die die die die to myself! Thanks again! xx

Loved this podcast! I am so glad to know that seeking God's face is the only thing we really have to know about anything in life!! What freedom he gives in that! I'm writing a book about my own life. I do believe 100% it is to minister and help people and that one person might only be me!! LOL! Or the entire world- my only responsibility is to be ready to help him spread his love and see people saved to live this life in the freedom only God's salvation can bring.