March 23, 2015

This week we continue talking about how to be innovating in ministry! Chris shares with us how to be self innovative and seek out what God is doing. Comment

March 16, 2015

Innovation allows us to grow in our spiritual walk, our creativity, our health and in our lives. This week in Coffee With Chris, we discuss what it means to be constantly finding ways to change and develop as we grow in the kingdom of God. Comment

March 9, 2015

This week in Coffee With Chris, we place ourselves directly into what scripture says love is. In this second half of the series, we learn how to love well by loving others. Comment

March 2, 2015

This week, we continue on our staff meeting series on growing up. In this two-part podcast, we learn how love well and that when love guides you, everything else will follow! Comment

February 23, 2015

This week, Chris brings us along the journey of what it means to measure progress and building leadership around us as we move forward. Comment